What in the Disney World do I pack?

Okay, some people love packing others hate it. And why right? I think it’s safe to say that people like packing because they are preparing for their trip and what will be in store for them. On the other hand, packing can be stressful. What will the weather be like? Is my suitcase too heavy? Will it be cold at night? If you start packing for every scenario then you best bet yourself a U-Haul and head on south.

If you ask us – it is a must to have a Disney shirt for everyday. Though this took us awhile to add to our collection. Now, I love making my own Disney shirts with a Cricut, transfers and embroidery. It’s so much fun. But… when you are traveling to a resort like Walt Disney World – it is not the time to want to “impress”.

Think casual! Theme park attire is 100% appropriate when you are hopping through the parks each day. However, if you are going to be dining at a more stylish or lavish restaurant or enjoying the night life at Disney Springs, then you will want to for those particular establishments. For restaurants such as Victoria & Albert’s, you might want to check the dress code before packing. Whenever we have a fancy schmancy dining reservation, we like to return back to our resort and freshen up for the evening. Usually after a full day in the Florida sunshine, we could use another spritz of perfume or cologne.

In the warmer months bring shorts, light-colored short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts. Watch your dark colors as they tend to attract the heat. You will also want to bring comfortable walking shoes (multiple pairs). The idea of comfortable shoes is entirely up to the individual as in our household, the idea of comfy is my flip flops and to Bryan his idea of comfy is a good pair of walking shoes. Yes, no worries – I bring closed toe shoes in case of inclement weather. Soft and cushy socks are key. You really don’t want to wear socks that are going to rub and give you a blister, because no matter how great band-aids are – the blisters still win. Don’t forget, sunglasses, a bathing suit (if you’re planning on using one), a rain jacket, a pair or two of pants and a light coat. Yes, Florida can get a little chilly at night and in the morning.

Now aside from the “general needs”, here is our top 10 list of “musts”.

10. Poncho – All theme parks sell ponchos, however Florida showers tend to pop up suddenly. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to whip one out quickly. It is also helpful to buy them in bulk, they are cheaper and once you’re done with them you can toss them out. No need to let them dry out, while having your room smell like plastic.


9. Chafing Cream – Yes, we said it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that in heat, you sweat and when your clothes rub against your skin – OUCH! Or, take a ride on Kali River Rapids in jean shorts – Double OUCH! Chafing cream not only relieves discomfort, but will also help prevent chafing in the first place.


8. Band-Aids – When you need them – you will need them quick. Though the First Aid Centers at Walt Disney World are wonderful, sometimes you need more than one or two band-aids. Buying them in the gift shop will add up quickly.

7. Backpack – Drawstring backpacks are amazing. I still wear my cute Disney purse (of course), but for my light sweater and for our ponchos, etc. Bryan carries the awesome and ever helpful Disney drawstring backpack. Helpful hint: When you sit down and have your backpack, criss-cross the straps on your chair and it won’t fall to the ground.


6. Portable Charger – This is an absolute must. You will use your phone A LOT in Disney. You will check out My Disney Experience, the time, and take a boat load of photos. Obviously, your phone will feel over-worked and your battery will drain faster than usual. Charge that puppy each night and carry it in your backpack!


5. Disney Gift Cards – Buy Disney Gift Cards at places like Sam’s Club if you can. They are cheaper and you will end up getting more for your money. Be sure to register them before you leave, because if you happen to lose them you will be able to contact Disney Gift Card to help you transfer your balance to another card.


4. Sunscreen – It’s a must for many. Bring it before you have to shell out some bucks for it in the park. Plus, if you like a particular SPF or brand, Disney may or may not have that available for purchase.

3. New Pennies & Quarters – Penny machines are awesome! They create a fun (and cheap) souvenir and you can even turn them into jewelry and key chains. Quarters will be easy for you to exchange in the stores once on property, but finding pretty shiny pennies might be a bit more difficult.

2. Gum – Walt Disney World does not sell gum on property.

1. Ears of Experience Travel Packet – Your packet will include your personalized itinerary, tips and tricks, park line busters, maps and so much more. Your packet will be your everything while on vacation.


That being said – there are so many other things you will need to think about packing well in advance. For example: medication, hand sanitizer and extra SD cards. If you are feeling stressed or just need some suggestions of what to pack, we would love to help you out.


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