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Often when we hear that people do not have a magical cruise or trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World we scratch our heads trying to figure out how that is even possible. Then after getting to talking they say that they waited in line for hours or couldn’t get into a restaurant. Sometimes we will hear that it was too hot, or I needed a small jacket at night and didn’t bring one thinking it was Florida. But the end result usually is – usually a miserable experience that they want to leave in the past. Before trying to switch their mindset – we let them vent and start asking questions.

Did you make dining reservations before you left? Did you book Fastpasses for each day? What time did you get to the the parks every day? Did you take a break in the middle of the day? We usually hear – no we did not, we thought we could just “wing it”. Unfortunately, with Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World and Disneyland and the magnitude of offerings and adventures “winging it” with attractions, reservations and experiences is no longer possible.

So why is a plan so important? 


Getting to the Parks:
Sleeping in at Disney can happen, but you need to have a plan in place if that is what you truly want to do. Those of us who are experts at cruising through the parks know that arrival is crucial if you want to get a lot done. We typically arrive about 30 – 40 minutes before the park opens and and when it does we hit the races. We usually can cruise through quite a few major attractions before our Fastpasses even start all before you are getting out of the shower. If you are not a “crowds” person, then early is for you! After you move through an easy morning of enjoying the parks, the afternoon is best for your break time. Whether you head back for a swim or a nap or simply park yourself on a bench enjoying a bucket of popcorn, afternoon breaks are key. During your break, if you have used up your Fastpass+ reservations then see what is available for when you are ready to cruise along some more. That brings us to the importance of these little pieces of gold called, Fastpasses.


The Fastpass Plus service at Walt Disney World is an attraction reservation system and is free to all guests. The Disneyland Resort in California has a similar reservation system called MaxPass, and that is available for a minimal fee. At Walt Disney World, the Fastpass Plus service allows you to make three attraction reservations each day in advance of approximately 60 days. This means you don’t have to wait in line “forever” at many of the major attractions if you reserve your time in advance. Once your three are used up, you are able to add an additional Fastpass for that day. And with our guidance, you will be magically floating around the park with ease. 


All the talk about making way throughout the park sure does make us hungry. At 180 days in advance of your Walt Disney World vacation, you are able to make advanced dining reservations. At Disneyland, you are able to make dining reservations 60 days in advance. While the Disney Parks have amazing cart and quick service options, if you want a table service meal – you are going to need to plan well in advance. Can you find reservations closer to your travel date? Sure. Will they necessarily be exactly what you are looking for? Probably not. So, we suggest have a family night and break out the menus to start choosing where you are going to eat. However, if you are not sure – that’s where we come in to make our suggestions!


Your Plan Behind the Magic:
To be honest, planning is not difficult, but it is not exactly easy either. You need to use your resources and some advance planning any day in Disney magical. With a plan, you can do Disney the way YOU really want to. Be on the go go go! Or Ride here, snack there and an occasional show. No matter what – let us help you navigate the park the way that works best for your family. Not only is this our expertise, but it is what we LOVE to do and we truly mean it.

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