Epcot’s Japan Pavilion

The Japan Pavilion is definitely one of the most beautiful pavilions of Epcot’s World Showcase. The open courtyard is a unique feature that gives guests plenty of room to explore this picturesque pavilion.  The large red torii gate (pictured above) is  great spot for both pictures and viewing of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. The blue roof pagoda is a replica of the 7th century Horyuji Temple and is surrounded by gorgeous gardens  and streams with koi fish. The castle is designed after a 17th century fortress that overlooks Himeji. Inside the castle, you can find the Bijutsu-kan Gallery. Make sure to stop by for a shot of sake, some sushi, great shopping, and beautiful landscapes. 


Matsuriza is Japanese taiko drumming that can be seen multiple times throughout the day on the steps of the blue roofed pagoda. 


Teppan Edo – Hibachi style restaurant where 8 guests (if you have a smaller party you will be sat with other parties) sit around a large grill and are entertained by the skill and precision of the amazingly talented chefs.

Tokyo Dining- Traditional Japanese cuisine set in a modern and elegantly decorated interior. Make sure to bow as in Japenese culture, bowing to each other is equivalent to a handshake.  

Katsura Grill- a quick service restaurant which offers both outdoor and indoor seating. 

Kabuki Cafe -kiosk with snacks and beverages. For a unique beer we highly recommend the Kirin beer with frozen slushy head that is a nice refreshing beer to help you cool off. 


Mitsukoshi Department Store is made as a replica of the ceremonial halls of Japan’s Imperial Palace. It is named after the world’s first department store that dates back over 300 years ago. You can find a wide range of Japanese souvenirs including Hello Kitty and Tamagotchis, traditional clothing and footwear. Make sure to check out the Sake bar at the back of the store for a wide range of Sake. 

Mikimoto Store – A great selection of pearl jewelry including an area where you can pick out an oyester and get the pearl that is inside! You can also find gardening and architecture, book, bonsai trees, and an assortment of souvenirs. 

From excellent food and drinks, to amazing and unique shopping, to the beautiful landscape and gardens, the Japan pavilion is a must see!

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