That’s A Wrap! The Great Movie Ride

“Hooray for Hollywood!” If you are like us, the lyrics to this song represent one thing and one thing only – The Great Movie Ride. The Great Movie Ride is “the ultimate celebration of classic movies”. It is iconic. Walking through the entrance of Hollywood Studios, down Hollywood Boulevard and stepping into the ruby red slippers of Dorothy, the ride truly takes you right into the middle of old Hollywood. Sadly, The Great Movie Ride is calling it a wrap on August 13th to make way for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Yes, though it is exciting and past due for a ride that the Big Cheese himself gets to star in, for many of us fans of The Great Movie Ride – we are so sad to see it go. In honor of one of our most favorite classic Disney attractions, let’s take a look back at some of it’s most iconic scenes.


The queue alone is enough to thrill any Hollywood buff. Dorothy’s ruby red slippers and the carousel horse from Mary Poppins encased right before your eyes. And then came the pre-show movie, oh that movie. You know you are guilty just we are to stand there, watching in awe, all the while quoting famously. “Stand aside Martin”. No you don’t Ethan! Ethan, no you don’t!” Then lights on and into the sound stage you walk.

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You anxiously await to see what row you and your party will get, even though each row is wonderful – secretly you want to be up front and close to the action. As you wait for the rest of the rows to be seated, you are most likely looking at the beautiful mural of the Hollywood Hills on the left. Maybe you even spotted the hidden Minnie and Mickey! ­čśë Then it’s “Lights! Camera! Ready when you are CB. Action!”


Instantly you are greeted by floating bubbles and images of memorable scenes from Footlight Parade, Mary Poppins and the Public Enemy. A few moments later you were trying to figure out if your vehicle would be hijacked by a mobster or a wild west outlaw. Either way you had to follow their directions so you wouldn’t get a “belly full of lead”. And remember that red light? Bang! “No more red light!” Come on admit it, you definitely quote this while sitting at a traffic light, or will be from now on.

Then it’s onto the spaceship Nostromo and Indiana Jones where “why does it have to be snakes” gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day. After you get your glorious tour guide back, you instantly learn that “anything can happen in the movies”. From here, you might think all the “magic” is over and you will finish out the ride learning about horror films, Tarzan, Casablanca and Fantasia when you step into Oz. Side note! The back of the plane from Casablanca can be found in Magic Kingdom on the world famous Jungle Cruise. Anyway back to Oz. Here you will meet the Wicked Witch herself accusing you of killing her sister. After convincing her that it wasn’t you, naturally you will want to know which way to go when you’re told to “follow the yellow brick road”. “Now, why didn’t I think of that”. ┬áNow comes the finale and the iconic film that takes you from the beginning to the present of Hollywood.


When the film concludes and you somehow are back where you once began on the glorious sound stage, you give your tour guide a “thunderous applause” before hearing the word – “cut!”


It is impossible, absolutely impossible to leave the last 22 minutes at the exit door. Something inside of you changes and it is indescribable. Is it that you were just in the middle of the action or that you are an “old Hollywood soul”? Whatever it is, it’s safe to say that Disney, clearly did it once again – created magic and memories that will forever last a lifetime.


Yes, Walt himself always embraced change. While we are thrilled to see what Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway has to offer, it is with heavy hears that we are sad to say “That’s a Wrap” on The Great Movie Ride. Thanks for the memories!

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