Take a Trip “Across the Pond”: Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion

The culture and vibe of the United Kingdom is evident everywhere you turn. Architecture including Tudor, Georgian, and Victorian styles are on full display. Most notably the thatched roof cottage patterned after Anne Hathaway’s home (William Shakespeare’s wife, not The Princess Diaries). Beautiful gardens, soot stained chimneys,and of course the famous red telephone booths tie in perfectly to make you feel as if you were truly visiting the United Kingdom.


British Revolution will take you back to good old days of British rock and roll. Hear songs from popular bands such as The Who, Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones. Make sure to check out your times guide as this is a don’t miss music experience. We recommend getting to the show area (by the gazebo) a little early as there a few benches that will be available so that you can sit and enjoy the show. Make the show even better by sipping on a Harp or Guiness that you grab from the Rose and Crown Pub.

british revolution

Quickstep is a acoustic group that feature songs of Scottish, English and Irish influences. These talented musicians play instruments such as the fiddle, flute, highland bagpipes, an Irish frame drum. Make sure to see this amazing group outside of the shops.


The table service restaurant, Rose and Crown Dining room, offers such famous United Kingdom entrees including fish and chips, bangers and mash, steak, shepherd’s pie, and corned beef.  The vibe inside will take you to a traditional pub that you would expect to find in the UK. full with nightly music entertainment. The outdoor patio seating offers great views of IlluniNations: Reflections of Earth. If you are planning on watching this nighttime spectacular, we recommend making reservations for around 7:30 pm as the show will begin at 9 pm. You will want to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy your meal and take in this amazing show overlooking World Showcase Lagoon. Outdoor seating is not guaranteed and must be requested  upon checking in for your reservation.

Yorkshire Country Fish Shop is the quick service spot for fish and chips and also serves beer.



The Toy Soldier: medieval toys/playsets, quills, UK children books, movies. This is also the Kidcot fun stop for the UK Pavilion.

The Crown and Crest: beer steins, glasses, mugs, shirts, hats, Beatles merchandise, family crest merchandise.

Fancy Goods for Lords and Ladies: perfume, cologne, jewelry

The Queen’s Table: various native clothing, books and music from Scotland, Ireland and Wales,  Belleck Fine Parian China (made in Ireland)

Sportman’s Shop: everything rugby and soccer

The Tea Caddy: loose teas, teapots, biscuits and candy


You can find numerous characters throughout the day in the UK Pavilion including:

  • Peter Pan
  • Tinkerbell
  • Winnie the Pooh and Friends
  • Mary Poppins
  • Alice

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