Disney Cruise Line for the First Time in Forever

Some of you out there might be veteran sailors, while others may experiencing a cruise for the first time. Whether newbie or veteran, each Disney Cruise Line experience is never the same. Afraid to pull anchor? With THREE, yes three new ships in production, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to make your Disney Cruise Line excursion even more magical.

  1. Rest! Rest and relaxation should be a give, but we are all guilty of making sure you get the most out of each possible minute of vacation. It’s okay to sleep in! Okay, we’re not talking about rolling out of bed for lunch, but rather skipping the alarm clock a day or two. Pushing yourself will ultimately result in tiring out early and yes – we’ll say it a little bit of crankiness. And we all know that being cranky on any vacation, let alone a Disney vacation is beyond unacceptable!
  2. Look around. Seriously, look at every single detail. You know how Disney rolls, they take pride in the tiniest of details. There is a purpose and a meaning behind each element of design on the ship. If you look closely, you might even find a little Disney magic happen before your very own eyes. Search for hidden Mickey’s! Try holding a contest to see how many different hidden Mickey’s you can find on a daily basis.
  3. Take advantage of the Personal Navigator. Each morning you will receive a Personal Navigator that will list the daily activities. Take time every morning to plan out your day. Make sure you are doing the things that YOU all want to do as a couple or as a family. Take advantage of what the Disney cruise ship has to offer. Remember offerings change on a daily basis, so if you see an activity that catches your eye – by all means, go ahead and partake!
  4. See the shows. If you have been to a Disney park before, you know the talent is exceptional. The talent on a Disney cruise is equally as professional. Seriously, these shows can be mistaken for a Broadway production.
  5. Eat away! All restaurants are pretty much “all you can eat”. Yep, that means you can order as many appetizers as you would like or another round of chicken tenders and fries if you are feeling adventurous. I wouldn’t suggest taking advantage of the system, but know it’s certainly allowed. Remember, it is rotational dining which means your server will be with you your entire trip, so ordering 6 lobsters when you are only going to eat 2 might not be the best idea. Most importantly, whether or not you see Mickey Premium Bars on the menu – they are fully in stock, so make sure you ask for them!
  6. Decorate your door. Guests enjoy decorating their stateroom doors. Many families also enjoy partaking in Fish Extenders. You are thinking – what? If your family participates in the Fish Extender program, you will swap small gifts  with other participating cabins. It’s a fun little program, but an optional program. If you are wanting to sign up to be a part of a Fish Extender group for your cruise, visit Disney Cruise Meets on the Dis Boards page.
  7. There is more to packing than simply clothes and well, more clothes. Outlets can be limited in each stateroom, so make sure to bring a long a multi-USB charger. Even though you can visit one of the many stores aboard the ship, simple items such as band-aids or Advil can get a little pricey.
  8. Watch the fireworks. On what other cruise can you say you have watched fireworks?
  9. Book your island or land excursions as soon as they open up. Remember, your time on land will be limited so, be sure to book your extra excursions as early as you possibly can. Shameless plug, at Bryan and Tammi with Ears of Experience, LLC – you will let use know what you want to do, and when your time frame opens, we will have the excursions booked for you.
  10. Ask! If you are not sure if something is “included” or if the activity is for both children and adults – ask!

Remember our services are free! We provide personalized itineraries that will make your vacation run smoothly and stress free. We will also provide you tips and tricks for the resorts as well as Aulani & the Disney Cruise Line. We want to make your dream vacation with your family and loved ones come true.

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