Why Club Level?

Let’s be honest any resort and room Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® are top notch. So if the regular room experience is near perfection, imagine what club level concierge service is like.

Let’s start with the basics. When you book a club level room you are not only receiving attentive staff, but magical extras that make your stay that much more special. Disney Club Level rooms are available all Disney Deluxe Resorts. Disney calls their concierge service rooms, club level so they are not to be confused with the concierge desks available at most Disney resorts.

Staying in a club level room will give you extra additional amenities such as robes, extra toiletries, turn down service and newspaper to name a few. In addition, club level rooms have their own check-in counter to make arrival and departure a bit smoother.

What the best benefits of staying in a club level room is the private key access to the club level lounge. In the lounge you can find a variety of food and drink offerings throughout the day (lounge access hours). Each lounge will also have comfortable tables and chairs as well as a television to make your stay extra relaxing.

Can imagine having food, drinks, desserts and even beer and wine available for free? Okay, so it’s not quite free as you pay a little extra for club level service. Available all day you can find soft drinks, coffee, tea and fruit. In the morning enjoy continental breakfast, sandwiches and snacks for lunch and h’orderves, wine and beer in the evening. Indulge your sweet tooth before bed and sample all of the decadent desserts and cordials.

What makes club level service even more exclusive is the number of rooms allotted to the service. And finally, the view. All club level rooms have the most beautiful views. Imagine enjoying Illuminations: Reflections of Earth perfectly in your pajamas from the comfort of your own room.

Magic! If you’re interested in traveling to the Disneyland® and Walt Disney World® resort and are considering a club level room – contact us today before they slip away!

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