Beyond the Parks – Part 1

For so many of us – a Disney destination vacation is pure perfection, but for others it can be a little less magical. The idea of lines, rides and mouse shaped everything, can get a little stressful for the “non Disney” types. For the wold traveler EPCOT Center is simply not enough, which is where Adventures by Disney® comes in. While we’re not here to tell you all about ABD (that was in an earlier post), let’s chat about the “do’s and don’ts” of your Adventures by Disney® Vacation.

  1. DO: This one is simple – Go on an Adventures by Disney® vacation. Every dime that is put into your ABD vacation will be well spent. The name DISNEY opens doors. Per itinerary, ABD usually spends a year and a half finding the perfect adventure guides, hotels, restaurants, activities and adventures. Once they found they plan the most intricate of details into each itinerary. Not only are the details of the trip so important, but the adventure guides must not only be well versed in their knowledge, but understand the core values of the Walt Disney Company®images (5)
  2. DON’T: Don’t be shy! The types of adventures are endless. One can chose a large group, small group, personal, family friendly and adult only adventure. Imagine your vacation as a once in a lifetime experience, so take advantage of everything that Disney has to offer and has planned. The purpose of the vacation is to create lifelong memories – don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Sample new food and try unique experiences. Remember Walt’s famous words – “it’s kind of fun to do the impossible”.
  3.  DO: Go on the excursions that are available to you. As we mentioned earlier, Disney planned the adventure so that the travelers can get the most out of their visit. Opportunities are opened and available to the traveler simply due to the Disney name – so why not experience the abandoned ruins of Mexico or ski the gorgeous French Alps?
  4. DON’T: Don’t think about sleeping into the afternoon. There is plenty of time to rest on your vacation, but plan to rise early to take full advantage of the daily itinerary. Sleep on your flight home!
  5. DO: Research your ABD vacation. While your vacation is fully planned, you will have personal time as well as excursions that you can partake in at your own leisure. Disney and their adventure guides are fully aware that this is YOUR vacation, therefore you can do as much or as little as you would like.
  6. DON’T: Don’t worry about “mouse everything”. You will receive special Disney pins, but other than that, you’re simply with the name “Disney”.

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