Memory Maker Explained

What is Memory Maker? 

Memory maker is the new version of Walt Disney World’s® photopass service (photography service) that allows unlimited downloads of your photos and videos for 45 days from the date they are taken. Once downloaded you are able to save them to your electronic devices. Photopass photographers are located at hundreds of locations throughout Walt Disney World®. Memory maker videos are available on many attractions through all the parks as well. All you have to do is scan your magic band with the photpass photographer and in short time your pictures will load into your My Disney Experience account. Throughout this blog we will be displaying various pictures we have had taken through Memory Maker.

Important Details

-Cost is $169 if you pre-purchase; you need to pre-purchase at least 3 days prior to the start of your trip

-Cost is $199 if you do not pre-purchase

-Walt Disney World® does not allow selfie sticks in the parks; therefore having Memory maker is the only way to get all of your family and friends in your pictures

-You will only need to purchase one Memory Maker for you whole group; all you will need to do is ensure that everyone you are traveling with is linked on My Disney Experience under you Family and Friends

-You can access all of Memory Maker photos either from your smartphone,tablet, or computer. The recent updates to the My Disney Experience app allow much easier downloading and sharing of your photos from your smart phone.

Special Features of Memory Maker

Magic Photos: One of the best benefits of Memory Maker is magic shots. Many times the photopass photographers will ask you to hold your hand out or do various poses and then when you go back and view your photos you will see some magic added to them in the form of characters and other special features. As long as their camera is not set up on a tripod; you can ask the photopass photographer for magic photos if they do not offer and more often than not they will have them! Don’t be shy about asking they are really awesome pictures and you have already paid for them! Here are a few of our favorite magic photos over the years.


Ride Photos/Videos: Awesome ride photos and videos are part of Memory Maker


Character Meet and Greets: photopass photographers are at each of the character spots to capture your time with you favorite characters


Restaurants: At certain dining experiences there will be photopass photographers at the restaurant entrance or throughout your dining experience


Special Photo Opportunities


Photo Booths: Create photo booth pictures and photo strips with Disney themes throughout the parks and Resorts


Create and add borders and themed stickers: Add these to your pictures once you get back home through My Disney Experience


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