Five Mistakes NOT to Make as a Mouse House Newbie


Let’s be honest, when you’re planning your Disney vacation you want to plan it your way. As your personal planner for Disney travel we will plan your vacation your way, but with bonus tips and tricks. Not sure if you would like some extra magical tips? Try these out for size. For us Disneyfanatics – there are plenty more where these come from. 

1. What dining reservations aren’t available???

When you book a Walt Disney World® vacation and stay on property, you are able to begin booking your dining reservations 180 days out! Let’s not forget that we can do this for you 😉 Don’t kid yourself, the second the reservation system opens, families are already booking.  Decide when and where you want to hold your meals in advance, this way when booking opens you’re prepared.

2. “One, two, three not only…” three!

Everyone knows, or should know that you can make three FastPass+ reservations in advance, but many don’t know that you can nab yourself a fourth, fifth and even sixth when you’re in the parks! Once you use your FastPasses, head to a FastPass+ kiosk and pick out your next option. 

3. We’re never going to get on anything with how crowded it is.

It’s Walt Disney World® – expect people. If you’re staying on property, you can take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours. Regardless, people tend to run to THE rides. Save those rides for your FastPass+ and head left. Left you say? Yes left! Generally, people tend to gravitate to the right, so clear your own path and head left. 

Mouse Expert Tip ~ People tend to walk in the middle of the street. Stay on the sidewalk they are much less crowded.

4. Four parks in four days – we got this!

It’s going to be difficult to do everything in one trip. You need to come to the realization that you will not see/do everything the parks have to offer. Make piece with this sooner rather than later. That’s what will make planning a second vacation even more exciting. Pick your (and everyone else’s) priorities and follow them. You want to ride Splash Mountain – do it. Sally wants to meet Mickey Mouse – do it. Johnny wants a Dole Whip – why not? It’s vacation. Remember this is everyone’s trip. Don’t worry about creating memories, let the memories create themselves.

5. Sit down kiddos we are camping out for the 3:oo parade.

Parades are awesome sure, but not worth wasting two hours of your day keeping the curb company. About a half hour or so before the parade begins in the Magic Kingdom, head over to Frontierland. The parades begin in Frontierland right next to Splash Mountain. This area is generally less crowded than Main Street.

Bonus: Who doesn’t love those? 

6. I don’t want to carry that all day, so let’s get souvenirs on our last night!

No, no and more no. We’ve seen it too many times. Someone has wanted a particular souvenir and when it was time to purchase – no longer available. Que the meltdown. Buy it when you see it! If you’re staying on Disney property and not checking out in 24 hours then ship it back to your resort – for free! Not staying on property or leaving in a few hours? Hakuna Matata! Send that baby to the front of the park and you can pick up your package a few hours later.

Bonus Tip – Bryan and Tammi with Ears of Experience, LLC can help you plan your magic all free of charge. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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